Before You Move…


Two Months Before

  • Decide what items you would like to discard or keep for your move
  • Take inventory of items you have decided to retain for your move
  • Gather school records to make your educational transition easy for you and your children

Six Weeks Before

  • Gather any supplies you will need such as boxes, tape, and other packing material
  • Consume anything that can be used to decrease the amount of objects moved such as meats and other frozen foods
  • Measure and take down dimensions of new homes to ensure your existing furniture will fit in its desired location

One Month Before

  • Confirm any change of plans so our plans for your move are the same as yours
  • Begin the process of packing certain items starting with those that you use less frequent
  • Label everything so that the movers can know what room it is to be moved to
  • Separate any valuables that you would like to move yourselves
  • Do a change of address to ensure your receive mail after your move
  • Notify important parties like utility companies of your move

Two Weeks Before

  • If possible arrange to be off on moving day
  • If you are moving to a new climate service your vehicle to insure it is ready for moving
  • Reconfirm moving arrangements with moving companies

One Week Before

  • Pack suitcases with cloths to avoid unnecessary boxes

Days Before

  • Defrost Freezers to ensure melting ice does not damage your possessions during the move
  • Plan for the payment with the moving company. decide if it is to be cash or card

On Moving Day

  • Relax... You have pre planned and prepared for your move. Allow Momentum Movers to provide an excellent moving experience